Pussy pumps have become popular because they are easy to use and give an AMAZING increase in pleasure. They are similar in operation to a penis pump but obviously designed for female use! You can either fit them over the entire vaginal lips, the inner lips, or just the clitoris, depending on the type you buy. Due to their simple construction, even high-quality ones are relatively inexpensive and easy to look after.

The idea is to suck the air out from inside a cup placed over the labia or clit, and this in turn causes temporary swelling and engorgement, making the area much more sensitive. Most users find the swelling very attractive to look at too, and with the effects lasting up to half an hour there’s plenty of time for all kinds of filthy fun after you’ve been playing with your pussy pump!

Many heterosexual couples that use them find that it makes it feel tighter when they have sex due to the swelling of the lips. Due to the powerful increase in sensation, they can be useful for women who find it difficult to climax or simply for those who want a mind-blowing orgasm!

There are various kinds available but can broadly be split into simple pumps (with just a cup and a pump), textured (with nodules to stimulate the clitoris) or vibrating. For further information take a look at the Wikipedia page.

For those who like their sex toys discreet, pussy pumps are nearly silent in operation (though many do come with a vibrating function) and of course, being hand-operated, there are no batteries to replace.